Industry – Inspection of industrial facilities

Our UAV services in the field of industry and inspection of industrial facilities at a glance:

  • Visual condition recording and damage recording using UAVs

    • High-resolution aerial images for inspecting and documenting actual conditions and for the visualisation of damage to industrial facilities and machinery
    • High-resolution videos from the air for inspecting and documenting actual conditions and for the visualisation of damage to industrial facilities and machinery
    • Live HD image transmission for the inspection of industrial facilities and machinery in real-time
    • Regular inspections of highly stressed industrial facilities and machinery
    • Thermal inspection of industrial facilities using UAVs and radiometric thermal imaging cameras

Inspection of industrial facilities using drones (UAVs)

Protracted and cost-intensive inspections of difficult-to-access objects and areas can be shortened, simplified and optimised using UAV technology. The use of UAVs (drones) for remote sensing, monitoring, damage and actual-condition documentation minimises complexity and saves time, because with our UAVs equipped with high-tech sensors and cameras, we can get to locations quickly, efficiently and cheaply which are accessible to people either only with difficulty or not at all. The contactless, safe nature of the inspection opens up new dimensions and viewing angles, which can be saved and evaluated in many different digital formats for documentation.

With our UAV sensor systems – for example, high-resolution photo/video cameras, radiometric thermal cameras or laser scanners – we supply pinpoint, digital aerial images which are available for inspection and documentation in various data formats. Using the images and 3D data, damage points such as cracks (even hairline cracks), delamination, lightning strikes, thermal bridges, corrosion, erosion, assembly faults or deformation can be visually detected and documented. Furthermore, leaks to pipes, flanges, valves, connecting sleeves and thermal losses (e.g. through insulation) can be clearly identified and located by means of aerial thermography, so that appropriate measures can be initiated. Using this method, any abnormalities relating to (high) temperature or temperature differences – with respect to power supply, for example – can be traced and evaluated.

Our experienced project managers, pilots and thermography experts support you with your project planning and advise you extensively concerning the application options of UAVs and their sensors and take on the work of data evaluation. Data evaluation by the customer is also possible. In such cases, we would provide you with the raw data.

Visual condition recording and damage recording using UAVs

Snapshots and regular inspections for documentation using high-resolution aerial images and videos

With the help of the latest UAV technology, industrial facilities of any kind can be visually inspected cost-effectively and within the shortest possible time in order to document the actual condition and to document damage. We offer orthomosaic photos (orthophotos), high-resolution images/videos, 360° and thermographic recordings for the inspection of industrial facilities.

Our high-resolution aerial images, taken using our UAVs, are ideal for the analysis and documentation of damage and abnormalities. Through discussions held in advance, we can narrow down the exact type of pictures you require for your inspection – different angles, flight altitudes and precisely reproduced flights (GPS-supported) for multiple or later points in time pose no problem at all. We fly outdoors, but also in concealed spaces, industrial facilities, halls, tunnels and towers. High-end cameras are used, with or without zoom lenses.

With detail-rich moving images (high-resolution videos) from the air, current conditions and incidents can be depicted and documented visually and clearly and can be played back with the utmost ease. For this reason, we supply you with high-resolution video material (Full HD – 4K) from the air.


Live HD image transmission for the inspection of industrial facilities and machinery in real-time

We offer stable, live HD transmission of images/videos for the immediate inspection of industrial facilities through an HD monitor on the ground in our service vehicle. Through inspections conducted in real-time, the engineer or technician can have the drone directed to centimetre-precision through our professional pilots or have the camera controlled. This way critical points can be approached and evaluated from various viewing angles so that defects, damage or leaks can be localised optimally for them to be subsequently repaired in a targeted manner. Furthermore, the recording of images for documentation is possible permanently or partially.


Regular inspections of highly stressed industrial facilities and machinery

Technical buildings and large mobile facilities in rough outdoor environments are heavily effected by environmental influences. Such objects include wind turbines in coastal areas, offshore wind turbines, bridges, lifting plants, masts, cranes, excavators, ships and dams in rock mass. Technical buildings often have complex components made from various materials which are subjected to severe loads (thermal and/or mechanical) due to their exposed positions. It is therefore recommended to have the facility inspected cost-effectively and quickly with a drone at regular intervals in order to run the facility fault-free and to prevent costly downtimes. Through the precise localising of damage and abnormalities by means of aerial imagery using drones, damage caused by erosion or corrosion caused by frost, humidity, salt, hail, or lightning strikes can be detected and evaluated, so that these issues can be resolved subsequently in order of priority. Regular monitoring for checking and documenting development is also easily possible.

Thermal inspection of industrial facilities

UAV (Drone)-supported thermal inspections of industrial facilities is an effective solution for inspecting difficult-to-access areas and for documenting damage spots. Damage and leaks to pipelines, sleeves and flanges and loss of energy through the leaking of heat or cold which is difficult for the human eye to see can be identified with ease using radiometric thermal imaging cameras. We provide thermographic evaluation of the data, as well as the pure gathering of the raw data for evaluation by the customer.

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