Inspection and monitoring

UAV inspection and monitoring

Protracted and cost-intensive inspections of difficult-to-access objects and areas can be shortened, simplified and optimised using UAV technology. Remote sensing, monitoring and damage/actual condition documentation thus become accessible instruments which save time and money. The contactless, safe nature of UAV inspection opens up new dimensions and viewing angles, which can be saved in many different formats for documentation.

Snapshots and regular monitoring for documenting actual conditions

Using state-of-the-art UAV technology, projects and objects of any kind can be visualised in a cost-effective way and within the shortest possible time. In this regard, it makes no difference whether you require orthomosaic photos, images, videos or 360° recordings for your visualisation, since our UAVs are flexible when it comes to sensors. The transmission of live images and video, as well as regular monitoring for progress tracking, can also be performed without further ado.

Service overview – UAV inspection and monitoring based on image and video material:

  • High-resolution aerial images for documenting the actual condition of objects and buildings.
  • 360° recordings, panoramas and views from various viewing angles based on 360° stitchings (VR camera use), individual images or 3D point clouds.
  • High-resolution videos from the air for documenting actual conditions.
  • Aerial thermography for documenting actual conditions and thermographic evaluation using radiometric data.
  • Creation of distortion-free orthomosaic photos (e.g. of façades, roofs, bridges, towers, dams and plots of land).

UAV inspection using high-resolution aerial images

High-resolution aerial images taken with drones are ideal for marketing purposes, presentations and many other fields of application. Through discussions held in advance, we can narrow down the exact type of pictures you require for your purposes – different angles, flight altitudes, qualities and precisely reproduced flights (GPS-supported) for multiple or later points in time pose no problem at all. We fly outdoors, but also in concealed spaces, in buildings, and underground, such as in tunnels. We therefore offer flexible UAV inspection solutions fully within the limits of your budget.


UAV inspection using high-resolution videos from the air

Projects, objects, property and much more can be depicted and presented optimally with mesmerising moving images taken from the air. For this reason, we supply you with high-resolution video material (Full HD – 8K) and pictures with SLR camera quality (24MP) from the air, which can be perfectly used for presentation and marketing purposes – even the transmission of live images is easily possible. 

Every situation is different, but our camera is ready. We believe that projects, objects, property and facilities can develop their full potential by means of cameras travelling on drones so that they can be presented to buyers, tenants and contracting bodies. With our in-house label Skynamic, everything revolves around the optimum planning and implementation of aesthetically appealing aerial recordings in Full HD – 8K.

UAV inspection using aerial thermography

Our high-performance drones are suitable for transporting and using radiometric cameras, thus providing the opportunity of taking thermographic aerial images. Even large areas can be patrolled contact-free, quickly and precisely. The images obtained in this way can subsequently be analysed, further processed and archived by back office staff.

Orthomosaic photos

Orthomosaic photos, or orthophotos for short, refer to distortion-free images of the earth’s surface which are created with the help of photogrammetry or LiDAR scanner data from UAV recordings (aerial images). Any distortion that arises during the creation of the image material is removed by means of aerial image triangulation, which enables the correct depiction of the earth’s surface.

Further information on UAV inspection and monitoring based on drone data and aerial images

UAV inspection and monitoring using drones in detail

Protracted and cost-intensive inspections of difficult-to-access objects and areas can be shortened, simplified and optimised using UAV technology. Using UAVs (or ‘drones’ in common parlance), you can access locations quickly, efficiently and economically which are accessible to people only with difficulty, or not at all, in order to take high-resolution photos and videos. Through immediate analysis via live images or subsequent evaluation of the photo and video material by back office staff, you can judge the condition, damage and wear of your object. The inspection is contact-free, flexible and above all safe.

In terms of visualisation, monitoring and documentation at the visual level, rendering the actual condition or project progress of any kind visible in a cost-effective way in the shortest possible time is no longer a problem thanks to our UAVs. UAVs enable the recording of orthomosaic photos, images, 360° recordings and videos – even live transmission poses no problem. Especially suited are aerial images for construction progress documentation by means of regular flights, as well as for the depiction and marketing of building ground, property and plots of land. The recording of images for visualisation, for target/actual comparisons, damage documentation and (technical) due diligence inspections is now easily accessible and efficient as never before thanks to UAVs.