Virtual Reality / VR, VFX & 360° drone

Virtual Reality / VR & 360° drone

In the constantly growing virtual reality (VR) and visual effects (VFX) sector, UAVs are very useful to capture the necessary data material and visual content like 3D point clouds, 3D Models from drone or scan data and 360° panoramas/spheres. Within the shortest possible time, a wide range of image, video and data material can be obtained in a cost-efficient manner. In addition to 360° panoramas, virtual tours and all-round vision, VR technologies also enable a wide range of application opportunities in the entertainment industry. Virtual reality (VR) and visual effects (VFX) are creating unique experiences in social media and advertising.


Service overview of virtual reality (VR) & 360° with UAVs and RC rovers

  • Capturing 3D data for VR, VFX and gaming
  • 3D modeling for VR, VFX and Gaming / 3D assets
    • High polygon meshes
    • Mesh cleanup
    • Mesh decimation / simplification
    • Retopology / reprojection
    • Texture mapping
  • Capturing and delivery of 360° content from the air using UAVs (drones)
    • Virtual reality (VR) 360° panoramas / 360° spheres
    • Virtual reality (VR) 360° videos
  • Capturing and processing / One-stop shop for VR stitching
  • Virtual tours
  • 360 degree views
  • RC rovers for ground-level 360° images and videos

VFX – visual effects

The field of visual effects (VFX) is becoming increasingly important in film productions. Here drones can be effectively used to capture 3D data, images and video footage to save time, personal and costs. Also the scanning of film sets as well as commercial sets (set scan) is gaining more and more importance in planning, setting up and saving the scene for future applications, such as e.g. VFX post production. We deliver visual effect scans (point clouds) and VFX content for film, TV, commercials and advertising with various technologies such as VFX drones, photogrammetry or LiDAR scanning (laser scanner). Beyond that, we deliver VFX ready 3D models, meshes or high-resolution textures according to your wishes. Our 3D artists are very experienced in 3D modeling, mesh cleanup, mesh decimation, retopology and texture mapping.

Gaming & game ready assets

The games industry is a steadily growing area in the entertainment industry, which is developing high-tech products. Serious gaming and gamification approaches, like games and software for education and training programs, are on the rise and increasingly used in various industry fields. The gaming industry benefits from scanned 3D datasets, geometries and high-resolution textures, which we can capture on a large scale with the help of our drones. We deliver scanned and processed raw data (e.g., 3D point clouds or meshes). In addition, we developed an effective workflow to create game content / game assets (usually low poly 3D models with clean texture) of real environments. The assets are processed by us according to your specifications and delivered “Game Ready”. Our work includes Mesh Cleanup, Mesh Decimation, Retopology and Texture mapping.

Virtual reality (VR) 360° panoramas / 360° spheres

Virtual reality (VR) 360° panoramas are increasingly gaining in popularity. Many branches of industry are opting for 360° panoramas to produce a sense of space, to enable an all-round view and to present projects/objects in an attractive and interactive way. 360° VR panoramas create unique experiences, arouse emotions and are now indispensable in the fields of social media, advertising and sales.

With a 360° VR panorama, you have the possibility of capturing a space in its entirety and reproducing it, thereby producing a genuine sense of space when compared to, say, 3D visualisations. You can take a virtual look around and observe details in a 360° VR panorama. A virtual tour occurs when you link together 360° VR panoramas. You then have the possibility of moving virtually through a scene, building or landscape.

Using and observing a 360° VR panorama is remarkably easy. You can view the panorama in a 360° VR-capable player (e.g. YouTube). But with cardboard VR goggles (the simplest variant in conjunction with a smartphone) or a high-quality VR headset, you get the genuine sensation of 3D.

VR RC rovers:

The RC rover is a four-wheel-drive vehicle which is controlled from a distance by a remote (by means of video transmission). Fitted with a 360° VR rig, 3D camera, camera gimbal (for all common cameras and photos) or LiDAR scanner, the rover can take on different tasks in the field of VR. The off-road capability, size and speed of up to 80 km/h offers the possibility of following objects or reaching areas that are accessible to humans only with great difficulty. Stable camera travel over long distances (especially in the narrowest of space) is possible without any issues and, thanks to the electric drive, the noise level is low and not disturbing.


Further information on the subject of virtual reality / VR and 360° / 360 degrees

Virtual reality VR and 360° in detail

In addition to application options in the entertainment industry and social media, virtual reality (VR) also enables 360° degree panoramas, virtual tours and above all experiences in a virtual but still realistic world. Consequently, many industries can enjoy the benefits of this nascent technology and use 3D images and 3D videos as an effective sales, presentation and illustration instrument. With the introduction of VR headsets (3D goggles) into households, the VR industry is increasingly gaining traction, and this enables the experiencing of far away worlds, 3D and 360° media content. The use of UAVs is used here for gathering the necessary data material, because a large amount of image, video and data material can be generated in the briefest possible time in a comparatively cost-effective manner.